Summer Crafts: Mushroom Terrariums

Mushroom terrariums are a great summer art project.



  • A small jar
  • 3 mushrooms made out of polymer clay
  • Moss or fake leaves
  • Small rocks or other decorations
  • A hot glue gun


  1. Open jar and place items where they are best suited.
  2. Take items out and carefully use your hot glue gun to glue them into place.
  3. Secure lid back on jar.
  4. Use as decoration on a coffee table or a desk.

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed our summer craft. Please comment your own out takes we would love it if you could like and follow.

-E and C


Hi everyone! I love to just cool off with an Ice cold lemonade. So, I bought some country time powdered lemonade. It’s super easy to make! Just mix some powder with water and voila! You have lemonade! 

If you have time you can turn it into an Arnold Palmer. (Half lemonade half iced tea) if you don’t have time you can also buy Arizona tea! They have an Arnold Palmer flavor.

Enjoy and comment your favorite refreshers!

-E and C

A Flowy Outfit for Chilly Summer days

Hi everyone! I hate the feeling of being in shorts and freezing! 

So, I picked out a simple, cute, and summery outfit for those chilly days.

I paired floral Buddha pants with a plain t-shirt. You can wear this with sneakers, preferably Adidas. You can add a cardigan or sweatshirt if needed.

Enjoy! Please like and follow!

-E and C

Famous Fashion

There are a few celebrity’s that I love there fashion senses and there uniqueness.

Heidi Klum: I love how she always wears different color jeans, its so creative and I just love it. I also love, love, love her dresses and outfits at any award show it always puts me in a better mood when I see her in the stunning dresses she wears. Lastly I love how Heidi Klum can wear anything without looking weird or dorky and personally I love that she makes something of her own in her fashion sense like how she wears different color jeans.

Taylor¬†Swift: I love her sense of style its kind of casual/retro and I think that is so cool because I don’t see a lot of people who have that sense of style,and I think she is one of millions of people who can pull it off like she does.

Angelina Jolie: My favorite part about her style is she wears lots of different types of black and can make it work. I also love how she wears her red lipstick with a really dark outfit, I love this so much because it makes her pop and stand out.

Overall if you haven’t noticed I love how people make there own fashion style there own. Thanks so much if you read this and if you agree with me comment down below and say why you agree with me and if you don’t comment down below why you don’t!

– E and C


Converse are so comfortable and the style is so stylish and cute. The best part about converse is you can wear them with anything and they come in different colors so you can choose what color you want. Another thing I love about converse is you can wear them anytime of year and there not that expensive. Comment down below if you own a pair and if so which color and if you want a pair.
– E and C