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This post is not going to be about stores, clothes, or anything else we have wrote about. today is about you guys, so if you could describe your fashion sense in one word what would that word be? my word would be fashionista because I love fashion and I like making my look as good as possible. comment down below your word because once we get 5 comments we will start posting pictures of our fashion.

     thanks!      —-e and c


Casual Day Looks

Casual Day Looks

  1. So right now long skirts are in as people say: long skirts are great. They come in all different colors and patterns, but if you don’t like skirts and you prefer dresses, High-low dresses are great for the summer and beach because they are flowy and are great with a belt around the waist but, if you don’t like dresses. Parachute pants are great for any seasons for summer the pants don’t get too hot and they are fashionable and will go with any top.
  2. For work days pencil skirts are always elegant, simple, civilized and pretty plus they don’t get too hot in the summer and they will go good with a nice blouse if you don’t like pencil skirts or skirts in general. Blousy pants are cute, but in a civilized way and are cute with a simple button down shirt or if you like dresses a simple dress that is sophisticated and casual all of those will be great for work.
  3. For accessories a day out on the town, a cuff bracelet with designs or some sort of designs that make you proud with your  look. Or a necklace that gives you attention. For work or meeting or a formal event you don’t want to be too boring so wear some sort of accessory that brings a little attention but not too much because again its work, unless your job is something where you get to wear whatever you want, then go for it or if you have a uniform then give some sort of pizazz to give a little attention as you deserve. If you have any questions comment down below! Thanks  —-e and c

stores: expensive stores but worth the $



  1. Nordstrom is a great store but it can be pretty pricey. They have a great variety of clothes shoes and accessories ranging from kids to adults,  whenever I buy something I am always happy!
  2. Macy’s  has a great spring collection and winter collection. I think their clothes are really great for all seasons.
  3. Garage has great clothes but not so many  great accessories they also have SUPER cute scarves. They also have lots of shirts with funny quotes on them.

Our favorite store of the week is urban outfitters because it has lots of variety and cute clothes and shoes.

   Thanks!   —-e -c