Monthly Archives: August 2014

clothes: this is an outfit that ranges from day to night.

this outfit is a simple everyday look that ranges from day to night. the top is a simple blouse with laced sleeves and a fun collar. the bottom is a flowy circle skirt jazzed up with a thin belt. short boots go great with this outfit like dr. martens or just some cute short boots. wear your hair down but keep it out of your face with a bow or flower. add a pop of color with a spacious, colorful purse. I like to have a simple jeweled charm bracelet. add some more color with a small pendant necklace. wear some cute jeweled dangles to match the charm bracelet. that’s all! share your recreations with me in the comments below!


——e and c


Back to school smoothies

I love having yummy smoothies in the morning before school. I like making my own recipes so heres one that we absolutley love!
Blend together:
*frozen fruit we used: triple berry blend from safeway
*frozen minute maid orange juice
*lowfat milk
*a banana
You can always add more ingredients for flavor
We also added some orange slices for garnish
——–e and c


Clothes: a beachy outfit for a day of relaxation in the sun.

This post is another one of my favorite outfits. Today’s is perfect for relaxing on the beach. The bottom is a simple wrap skirt, floral or plain you can chose but I prefer floral. If you want to you can wear it over your swimsuit. The top is a comfy gray crop top. Wear some simple strappy sandals with an appliqué that brings a little attention to your shoes. Bring a colorful, spacious purse, big enough to hold towels and other things you’ll need at the beach. Wear your hair in a bun and finish off with a flower hair clip. Share your recreations of this outfit with me in the comments below!
—-e and c