Monthly Archives: August 2015

Hi everyone! I love to just cool off with an Ice cold lemonade. So, I bought some country time powdered lemonade. It’s super easy to make! Just mix some powder with water and voila! You have lemonade! 

If you have time you can turn it into an Arnold Palmer. (Half lemonade half iced tea) if you don’t have time you can also buy Arizona tea! They have an Arnold Palmer flavor.

Enjoy and comment your favorite refreshers!

-E and C


A Flowy Outfit for Chilly Summer days

Hi everyone! I hate the feeling of being in shorts and freezing! 

So, I picked out a simple, cute, and summery outfit for those chilly days.

I paired floral Buddha pants with a plain t-shirt. You can wear this with sneakers, preferably Adidas. You can add a cardigan or sweatshirt if needed.

Enjoy! Please like and follow!

-E and C