What’s in: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens are cute and comfy boots that come in all shapes and sizes. I love them so much because they are so stylish and comfy at the same time. Another reason is whenever I wear my floral pair I get lots of compliments because they are so unique. I hope that you enjoy the style and comfort of Dr. Martens as much as we do!
—e and c



Athletic Stores/Outfit


These are some pretty expensive brands, but there clothes will last you for years and years. What my favorite part about Nike is there shoes, because they are so comfortable and make you feel lite on your feet. My favorite part about Athleta ,is there athletic shirts they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. My favorite part about Lululemon is there pants, I like there pants because they are so comfortable and you always want to wear them.
All of these clothing items are good for running errands or working out. A great outfit for working out or running errands is Nike’s air fit shoes, Athleta’s sweat absorbing shirts, and lastly any of Lululemon’s pants. Comment down below if you like these brands or if you are going to try this outfit out!
– E and C

The Biggest Fashion No No!

The biggest fashion no no is socks and sandals, I have been seeing this all over town and it’s been driving me crazy. The reason why socks and sandals is so bad is because socks are meant for closed shoes and sandals are meant for the beach and hot days, these two things are not supposed to be combined. If you are a person who wears socks and sandals because you are in a rush or because your feet are cold. But socks and sandals are equally as quick as boots or slip on shoes. Socks and sandals won’t keep your feet warm they will just make you feel as if they are warmer. Overall it is so ugly and dorky and shouldn’t be worn together. Comment down below if you agree with us.
– E and C

Simple Rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes are cute and simple to make.
*yellow cupcake mix
*4 different colors of food coloring ( you can use more if you’d like)
*the ingredients listed on the back of your cupcake mix
1. Mix your cupcake mix as usual
2. Separate it equally in four small bowls
3. Pour the different colors in your cupcake tin layer by layer
4. Bake as instructed on your cupcake mix
I hope you enjoy this delicious
—e and c

Navy and Black gives me the blues

There is something that I have been noticing around town that has been driving me crazy, and I thought that you all should know that black and navy never go in the same outfit never.Black and Navy are both dark colors that are very similar that almost look the same in some lighting so some times it looks like you are wearing all black, which is also a very bad idea.Also black and navy sometimes make you look like a big bruise, and if I were you I wouldn’t want that. If you are a person that wears black and navy in the same outfit now you know that sometimes not a great a idea.

– E and C

So sorry

We are so sorry that we haven’t blogged in a while, we’ve been busy. We would like to continue blogging whenever we have a chance to. Please comment to give us ideas for a new post! Also do you want us to do more on crafts and food, or would you like fashion more? Thanks so much!
E and C. Enjoy!