Romper,jump suits,overall (summer look book)

In the summer everybody gets hot. If you are one of those people who don’t care for shorts or pants or you are having a lady day then Rompers are perfect.Rompers come in all different colors and patterns and they are stylish and you can where them anywhere and they are just so comfy.Rompers are basically a tank top and a shirts combined .Jump suits are basically the same thing as Rompers just longer legs so basically pants and a tank top combined.Another great look that is very in right now is overalls and are very similar to jump suits and Rompers.Overalls are basically the same thing but in denim.the thing I love most about overalls is that you can throw a a t-shirt that is just white underneath or a colorful t-shirt underneath. They are also very comfy and they always look good. I also like that they come in different lengths. Please try these different summer looks and please like and follow. 

– E and C


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